“Truth”: Relating Understanding to Itself

Understanding as builder of it’s own channels along which it flows.

  • As frequently stated, an important function of strategy is the mediation of relatedness with environmental fluctuation produced by the wider DNA encoded informational content of reality.

One such method for achieving this is that of embodiment or replication of the strategies producing this fluctuation, which has typically in the past manifested as forms of sexual selection mediated reproduction.

Patterns such as “speciation” or “gender” within reality reflect historical “pathways” developed in the course of the expression of the DNA based informational content along which responsiveness and alignment between aspects of the informational content of reality have been possible.

As stated earlier, truthful understandings regarding the relatedness of reality and the technology they enable are generated by mind, and are a second aspect of the informationally organized content of reality alongside the DNA content.

The imperative to “embody” or replicate successful strategy is also directly transmitted into this mind generated informational category, where it manifests as the abilities of mind to respond to environmental fluctuation represented by the technologies of others by grasping experiences of certainty held by their minds, and replicating the technology and relational strategy they produce.

The lines between this form of information and the DNA based informational content of reality are related and boundaries between the two categories seem likely to blur into the future.

Consequently any exchange of information mediated by technology will increasingly influence patterns of informational exchange which will be relevant in a true evolutionary sense.

Specifically the advent of the internet is an example of adaptation / environmental fluctuation equivalence which greatly increases access to information which in turn increases the abilities of the informational content of reality to create adaptive relational strategy, and for this to be replicated and embodied by “other” examples of information.

These abilities far outstrip those enabled by other methods of informational exchange such as the sexual selection strategy, and continue to rapidly increase.

As the ability and pressures to apply this intelligent selection to the DNA content of reality increase, the potential for bona fide adaptation stemming from intelligent selection will also increase.

The internet therefor essentially represents a vastly more powerful means for the informational content of reality to create new relational strategies, and respond to them as  elements of environmental fluctuation. It is in other words, a new and emergent expression of the generalized adaptive strategy, and a powerful extension of the generalized adaptive feedback loop. The evolution of evolution.

Primarily the ability of the various expressions of the informational content of reality to access, influence, and align to one another will be greatly enhanced.

This will impact upon any patterns of “speciation” which may or may not occur as subdivisions within the “human / technology” aspect of reality.

Since speciation essentially reflects the restricted and fractured pathways along which information has been able to flow, and since current applications of truthful understandings are greatly reducing these restrictions, divisions such as speciation are likely to be correspondingly reduced also in the future.

Design considerations such as those imposed by the inability of a single design element to  respond with adequate flexibility to extremes of environmental fluctuation, or the need to persist within diverse environments such as deep space may result in a corresponding division between the strategies of organisms reflecting specialization into roles, but:

The extent to which any particular strategy is able to provide perfectly flexible or generalized response between an example of informationally organized reality and environmental fluctuation without associated costs, is the extent to which that aspect of strategy can be safely aligned with uniformly by all aspects.

“Sexual selection” is a particularly costly strategy to maintain.

The extent to which instances of the informational content of reality are able to respond more effectively to environmental fluctuation produced by other instances using non or modified sexual selection methods, will be the extent to which the strong adaptive pressure applied by the costs of sexual selection may result in it’s de-manifestation as an aspect of reality.

2013 Peter Sillifant

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